2016-2017 Results from each of the rounds will be uploaded here
Points will be awarded as follows: 
1st-30, 2nd-28, 3rd-26 4th-24, 5th-22, 6th-20, 7th-18, 8th-16, 9th-14, 10th-12. 11th-10, 12th-9. 13th-8, 14th-7, 15th-6, 16th-5, 17th-4, 18th-3, 19th-2, 20th +-1 point.  
(Click on the link in each result for a .pdf of the results)
Round 1 Points (amended) Here

Round 2 Points - Here

Round 3 Points - Here

Round 4 Points - Here

Round 5 Points - Here

Round 6 Points - Here

 All Rounds Overall Results (amended) - Here

Countdown to next event -

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